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Pricing for property listings

All property listing are MLS ready
JTPstudio 309-21.jpg

Small Homes
0-1749 Sq FT
20-35 images

Photos only
Photos & Drone
Virtual tour only
All 3 combo

Mid-size Homes
1750-2499 Sq FT
25-45 images

Photos only
Photos & Drone
Virtual tour only
All 3 combo

Large Homes
2500-3249 Sq FT
30-50 images


Enhancements for you listings:

Extra Lg Homes
3250-4000 Sq FT
40-60 images

Photos only
 Photos & Drone
al tour only
All 3 combo

Photos only
 Photos & Drone
Virtual tour only
All 3 combo

Call for pricing on homes over 4,000 Sq ft & commercial properties  

Coming Soon Photo
Get you listing talked about with a 
Drive by COMING SOON shoot.

JTP will set up a time range to stop by your newly listed property, Shoot the front and give it a day-dusk look.

Virtual Staging

  • $45 per image for virtual staging

  • Book images for virtual staging for $100 

  • Add multiple looks on the same image - $10 per look                                            


Matterport 3D virtual tours

Floor plan $45with any Matterport virtual tour

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 8.43.37 AM.png

Day to Dusk Digitally
$30 per image

JTP Studio is located in San Dimas, CA
travel fee starting at $15 may 
apply outside our coverage area
JTP will travel 
anywhere inside the United State


Coverage area

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