When looking for a professional headshots you must do more than just have a friend take a nice picture of you with their phone or a crop a wedding picture of you. You may even have access to a professional camera but thats just one side of the bigger picture. What about the other side, All the technical aspects of photography? You need proper posture, your expression says a lot about you, And then there is Lighting, Editing or touch ups, wardrobe. Remember that this one photo might just be the first impression someone has of you.

We all would like to say that we don’t judge a book by its cover but we all know that is not always true.


That's where JTP Studio comes in. Not only do we photograph you, We take on the job of making you look and feel your best.  We will teach you how to look comfortable in front of the camera. We will walk you through the entire shoot and tailor your headshots to your needs. Whether you're an actor, realtor, or someone who knows the importance of branding them selfs, You will get top quality headshots back that will impress everyone, It may even land you that next job or client you have had your eye on. 


                  We recommend investing in yourself if you want someone else to invest in you…..

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Headshot rates

Environmental/on location headshots rates

Quick session

 $175  per person

   rate includes

   15 min session

   1 outfit

   1 location 

   3 images included (with option to purchase more at $25 each)


   Image Edits


Full session

 $325  per person

   rate includes

   45 min session

   2 outfit

   2 location on site

   10 images included (with option to purchase more at $25 each)


   Image Edits

   Add 30 min, up to 3 outfits 6 more images and 1 more location for $75

Group Sessions includes

   10 min session per person

   1 outfit

   3 images included  

   Image Edits

   online Gallery


2-5 people         $150 per Person

6-9 people         $130 per Person

10-24 people     $110 Per Person 

25-74 people     $95 Per Person

75 +  people       $85 per Person


 No travel fee for the first 30 miles from the 57/10 interchange

 mileage starts at $.90 a mile to your locations over 31 mile